Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Tamed Dragon - by Ben salk

Every morning I wake up and here my dad downing coffee. I have tried to teach him stealth mode but bad luck on that. Every morning I have been taking hikes up a called "butt kill hill" and that's it's actual name can you believe that because I can't. I went to Stinson beach today and it was really fun. After that I got a soft serve and it made me wan't to get a lot more but you got to stay in shape you now what I'm saying. Now I'm just at home chilling and I just was drinking coffee like I usually do. I ended up not going to L.A. but I'm having a pretty fun time here in Marin where I live. Not that much has happend to me tho over vacation and that's kind'a boring.

And thats enough of me. Se ya next time.

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