Friday, February 24, 2012

The Mysterious Days

It is still vacation and nothing that fun has happened, but the most fun thing that has happened is that I went on a ferry to San Francisco and I had impeanadas for lunch, I fed some of it to a little flock a pigeons that came around, but I stopped when a seagull came if I didn't stop it would of been slash slash hospital. Then I went home and pretty much just played video games and watched T.V. see not that much. Now I am just at home writing this blog.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Tamed Dragon - by Ben salk

Every morning I wake up and here my dad downing coffee. I have tried to teach him stealth mode but bad luck on that. Every morning I have been taking hikes up a called "butt kill hill" and that's it's actual name can you believe that because I can't. I went to Stinson beach today and it was really fun. After that I got a soft serve and it made me wan't to get a lot more but you got to stay in shape you now what I'm saying. Now I'm just at home chilling and I just was drinking coffee like I usually do. I ended up not going to L.A. but I'm having a pretty fun time here in Marin where I live. Not that much has happend to me tho over vacation and that's kind'a boring.

And thats enough of me. Se ya next time.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Local 9 Year Old Blogs

The thing I like doing the most is playing sports like soccer, tackle football, and basketball with my friends, and all types of stuff like that. I believe in kindness and that all people should be fun and loving instead of heart crushing girlfriends and mean people. For example once my friend was hanging out beside the pool at his apartment and the owner of the apartment said he couldn't do that, isn't that ridiculous. I was like what the heck lady. What are you guys doing for presidents day because I don't know what I'm doing. I was going to go to L.A. but you know for me it's just all chill, eat junk food, and watch T.V., I also like to sit down and read old books from the 1800s because you get to learn the heritage of what books were like back then. Lately I have been writing my own fun little 2/3 page books. What do you guys enjoy doing because if you like playing basketball, game on!!